David Austen, Experienced Vocalist and Performer

David Austen, Experienced Vocalist and Performer


Born and raised in Buckinghamshire England, now residing in Cambridgeshire, David was introduced to the world of Musical Theatre at a very young age, the bug was planted, and he grew up wanting to tell stories with his voice. 

Having graduated from Performers College, Essex, on a 3 year Musical Theatre Diploma, David has gained experience through out the business in all areas and singing has become his true passion in life.

With a career ranging from London's West End where David performed in numerous shows such as 'We Will Rock You' along side Brian May and 'Queen', 'Chess' in Concert (Royal Albert Hall) along side Josh Groban, to touring companies in Europe, as well as having worked on Cruise Liners for many years, with acclaimed companies such as Princess, Carnival, NCL, Costa and MSC.

David now spends his time travelling the globe performing to audiences world wide, with shows ranging from Classical Music and Musical theatre….to Rock and Pop, Swing and Big Band! His main show is suited to all with multi genres and something for everyone to enjoy!

He is certainly no stranger to audiences of all nationalities and he is proud to say that his multi genre shows have created nothing less than a standing ovation on every night of performance so far!


David's passions lie in all styles of music, and he simply just loves to be on stage and perform.


To give an evening's entertainment and allow his audiences to escape from reality and into a world of music & passion, taking them through a journey they will never forget, is David's goal every time he set's foot on stage……..he is a perfectionist beyond words…….and never fails to give anything but a memorable performance!



Most recent Credits include….

David has Performed on stages from the highest of calibre all over the world!

He has sung With Queen (Brian May, Roger Taylor) in front of Buckingham Palace as well as in Dominion Theatre numerous times in We Will Rock You, some of the leading West End Stars in London and around the world, Josh Groban and Idina Menzel in the Royal Albert Hall doing 'Chess in Concert'…….as well as performing consistently on numerous Cruise Lines around the world for the past 12 years! 

David now spends his career travelling the world as a Fly On Solo Guest Entertainer Vocalist aboard Cruise ships!

For availability please see Davids Tour Dates or contact him direct,


or for cruise ship work please contact his agent……TAD Management/TAD SHOWS-     http://tadmgmt.com

                         Jan Stenning - Vice President of Operations and Development, TAD - +1 954 423 8853


comments on perfomance…..




"I know and grew up with Michael Buble, I'm a family friend of his, and after watching your show i honestly know that he'd be proud to say you are performing his music, You are an outstanding Vocalist and I'd pay good money to see you perform anywhere!" - Guest on Princess cruise Lines and family friend of Michael Buble, Diamond Princess


" Having served as Cruise Director for more than 25 years, David’s style, talent, temperament, enthusiasm, passion for his art, and his sincere desire to connect with his audiences, and his undeniable talent is sure to make him and his show a winning and highly sought after commodity within the cruise industry.

David’s show encompasses the very best music that not only showcases his vocal talent and compliments his personality, but his musical selection is exactly what sea-going audiences love and crave more of. The phrase “He was better than the ‘Stars’” was a frequent refrain amongst our passengers." - David Cole Snook, Cruise Director, Princess Cruise Lines


"Who needs Michael Buble when we have David Austen? The Voice, the quality and the performance is utterly five star!" - Chris Jessop, Owner/Manager of Pilgrims Father, Scrooby UK


"David as 'Buble'…WOW!!!!!!!! Not just a great artist, but a lovely genuine person as well. Will be his 3rd visit to our venue this year, my customers just can't get enough of him. David will not disappoint!" Lorraine Moores, Wheatlands Farm, Redcar


"After seeing David perform on a few occasions we decided to book hi for a family party. his performance was perfect and he made the party a huge success! David is a very professional performer, who ensures his audience have a great time, and is also a lovely person…It was a pleasure….Thanks David!" Tracy Woods, Middlesbrough


"In my opinion David Austen is a wonderful Entertainer, the best singer I've had the privilege of meeting and a wonderful person too. Everyone who has the pleasure of hearing him sing will never be disappointed. he is fantastic!" Pauline Jones, Redcar.


"When you sang 'Home' I cried, your passion for Music and Michael Buble's songs is so apparent, I felt everything you did, thank you so much!" - Guest of Princess Cruise Lines, Diamond Princess


"You are the Best singer we've ever had in our venue!" - The Blue Peter, Derby


"You are Fantastic, you sound and look fab! Can we book you again very soon?" - Guest at the Holland Hall Hotel, Skelmerdale


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Raised in Milton Keynes, Now in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, David started performing at 17 years old and has been on the stage for 15 years. He started his career by training at Performers College on a 3 year Musical Theatre Diploma and graduated with high skills in dance of multiple genre's, acting and singing skills in a variety of styles. David has performed all over the world on multiple stages, some of which include.......West End shows ('We Will Rock You' to name just one), numerous cruise ships for highly acclaimed companies such as Carnival, Princess Cruise Lines, Costa, NCL, MSC…….as well as Cabaret's around Europe and the USA. David has also now become an accomplished UK 'Michael Buble Tribute' Act and is available for work all over the UK. 


David's Passion has always been to perform, His love for music has been apparent all his life.  He was raised appreciating music from all genre's and at best has always appreciated music from the 'good old days', music from Artists such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Stevie Wonder, Elvis Michael Jackson and many more....


David loves to perform music from Micheal Buble as it allows him to relive his passion through timeless songs of the past, and add that Modern twist that Buble provides so well. David has often been told he holds a likeness to Michael Buble and when he performs he aspires to give the same style and authenticity of performance and movements as the international Superstar. David works incredibly hard to give an audience a Show that shouldn't be missed! He strives to get the audience involved, allowing everyone to feel part of any performance, and at times will happily move amongst the audience to get up close and personal! He is Fast gaining recognition for his performances, his reviews and feedback are always Extremely positive and has never as yet failed to get re-hired by every venue and company he has performed with!!!





David, 35, was originally raised in Milton Keynes, however he now resides in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. David has many passions in life...…Golf, Cinema and movies….he wishes he was Harry Potter!!! haha, his beloved Green Bay Packers in American Football, plus Music are but a few, however........the unity of family and friends is the largest passion in his life!


David would like to thank his family for their ever lasting support and love over the years, he loves them dearly and wouldn't be where he is today without them. TRULY!

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